Saturday, July 13, 2013

Common Core Lesson Planning Made Easy

How many times have you found great materials to use for your lesson in Common Core, saved them in a file for later, and then forgot about them? With the rigor of the Common Core, I have created a form to help make your lesson planning easy for CC Math and CC ELA. It includes all the crucial pieces of the Common Core's High Expectations: Vocabulary, Activities, Technology, Websites, and Assessments.

Here's how it works. When you first download your file that I've created, go ahead and print all the pages that have each standard listed on the top and your cover page and a handful of pages for NOTES, which I have also included. Put these in a 3-ring binder in the order you teach them, or in the order they are listed in your Common Core Standards master list. As you get ready to teach a standard or as you find great materials, write down the names of the Activities, Promethean/Smart Board files, Websites, and Assessments you plan to use. Don't forget to include Key Vocabulary for that standard. The beauty of putting them in a 3-ring binder is that you can print a copy of anything you plan on using for that standard and add it to your binder RIGHT BEHIND the lesson planning page, so you have it for visual reference. How cool is that??? More importantly, how organized does that make you? Then, when you are ready to do your official lesson plans that you turn in to your administrators, you have a great place to start with all the crucial pieces ready to document. You can use the NOTES page that I've included in the file to jot down any thoughts, ideas, descriptions, or reflections about that standard and include it behind the resources for that standard that you included in your notebook. 

Here's what the blank forms look like for 3rd Grade Math:

3rd Grade Common Core Checklist Cover

3rd Grade Common Core Math Checklist

3rd Grade Common Core Math Lesson Plan Form

Notes Cover Page for extra copies of the NOTES page in the back of your binder

Notes Page for extra Notes

You can download this file at 3rd Grade Math Common Core Checklist and Lesson Planner.

I currently have the following Common Core Checklist and Lesson Planner files available:

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