Monday, April 2, 2012

Dog Gone Fun Fractions

I hope everyone is having a great Spring Break. I have been trying to catch on some things and one of those major priorities is getting my blog updated. I am still not 100% with posting and understanding how to post which really bothers me since I am a serious technology person. A long time ago, I had a website that was entirely HTML and I was constantly learning and loved every minute of it. After a few years, they shut down and I went with a different website host that used a combination of HTML and WYSIWYG. I got spoiled and busy and now I am feeling less proficient in a big way :( but in my own teacher voice I keep telling myself to remember if you don't use it you lose it, but will get it back soon :) So, I am taking some time to update my blog with all my files that I created over the past month or so. When I create something, it is usually something I needed right away in my own classroom and put it to use the next day. My students always LOVE the games and activities that I make and have learned so much through these activities. 

I'll start with my Dog Gone Fun Fractions Ten Frame Activity. In our school, we use BBY, what we call "dot math" to help the students have a better understanding of number sense. My students were working on a new BBY worksheet on identifying the "dots" in a tens frame as a fraction, and the "empties" in the same tens frame as a fraction. So basically, they were to identify the same picture as two different fractions. They were truly overwhelmed, and so was I at the end of that day because they just weren't getting it. I went home and created the following fraction activity using ten frames but slowing it down a bit to help them understand. It worked!!! Not only did they understand the ten frame fractions, but they were ALL able to correctly identify the twenty frame fractions also!!!!! I was truly a proud mama!!!!!

My Dog Gone Fun Fractions Ten Frame Activity file includes:
Game Labels
Ten Frames 1-10
Twenty Frames 1-20
Fraction Cards 1-20
Ten Frame Worksheets
Twenty Frame Worksheets
Sample Worksheets

You can get it at my TPT Store by clicking HERE.

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