Sunday, April 22, 2012

Camping Test Prep: 2nd Grade Math Station 2: Addition & Subtraction

2nd Grade Math Test Prep
Station 2: Addition & Subtraction

Second in a Series of Year-End Math Test Prep ActivInspire Flipcharts with Camping Theme
This Addition & Subtraction (Numbers & Operations) Flipchart has 45 questions to be used to review expected testing skills for 2nd grade on year-end testing. This chart can be used with Activotes or ActivExpressions. An added bonus includes a list of Essential Questions for the skills in the the flipchart, along with the Georgia GPS Standards that apply to this flipchart. Most mimic the Common Core Standards.
Skills in this file vary in difficulty to differentiate and distinguish your Level 3 students from your Level 1 students, with Level 2 in between. The following skills are included in this review flipchart based on the expected standards for 2nd grade math in numbers and operations:
Three-Digit Addition with & without regrouping
Three-Digit Subtraction with & without regrouping
Finding the value of the unknown (box)
Fact Families - One-Digit using Dominoes
Fact Families - Two-Digit using Hundreds Grid
Inverse Operation - Choosing the correct problem to check
Equal Equations - Solving for the unknown (box)
Word Problems - Single and Multi-Step
Basic Properties of Addition using Benchmark Numbers

This series of flipcharts is being developed to review all standards with my students for math prior to taking their cummulative year-end testing. There will be 12 stations in all:
Station 1: Place Value
Station 2: Addition & Subtraction
Station 3: Estimation
Station 4: Money
Station 5: Graphs
Station 6: Time (clocks)
Station 7: Temperature
Station 8: Measurement
Station 9: Geometry
Station 10: Fractions
Station 11: Multiplication
Station 12: Division

These flipcharts will be uploaded daily as they are ready, so be sure to follow me to get the notifications, and leave a comment once you have used them with your students. 

Even if you have Smartboards, you can still download and use Promethean files. Look for your import within your menus :)

Thank you for your interest. I hope you find my work beneficial to you and your students. I strive for a top quality and immediate classroom use.


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