Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pool Party Missing Addend Bundle

I am really excited about the new activities I am working to help my kiddos figure out missing addends. I gave them a quiz on place value yesterday and this was definitely a weak area for them. They need lots of practice with modeling to understand why their answers did not make sense. So I am in the process of making some activities to help them at different levels because they are all definitely at the same place in their understanding. Look for this to come later today :)

On another note, yesterday my students started writing their own story problems from their conversation heart data from Valentine's Day, and I have to say, I think they surprised us both.This has always been difficult for my second graders, but once they begin writing their own story problems, they gain a deeper understanding of how to solve story problems presented to them. I will post some of them when they get finished :)

So, is everyone gearing up for end-of-year testing? We sure are, and even though we don't take the state-mandated CRCT test here in GA in second grade, we do take our district-mandated Testgate test which is cummulative and crucial to show what our students learned this year. It is just as hard as the CRCT (when we used to take it), so we have been doing some very intentional and focused reviewing. This was NOT the time for my Promethean Board projector to die, but it did, so I will probably be heading to the media center this coming week to use the one there. I have one of the first generation boards, so I don't have dual pen capability or ActivExpressions. Not complaining, but being one of our Promethean Coaches for our county and helping the new users get set up on their new boards, I sure am JEALOUS of their new technology. If you have ActivExpressions in your classroom, and use the text feature, instead of just multiple choice, I would love to hear how you use them with your students.

Well, I'm off to finish some activities. Later, more.............. :)

I finished my Pool Party Missing Number Equation Activity :) 

Pool Party Beach Equations - Find the Missing Number

Can you find the missing number? Do you add? subtract? How do I figure it out?

This activity includes 3 different levels to help your students learn how to figure out the missing number in an addition or subtraction number sentence. 
Level 1 - 1 Digit Numbers
Level 2 - 2 Digit Numbers
Level 3 - 3 Digit Numbers

Included are:
3 Sets of Leveled Number Sentences (16 cards each)
3 Sets of Matching Answer Cards (16 cards each)
3 Recording Sheets (different one for each level and labeled)
3 Answer Sheets (one for each level and labeled)
Find the Missing Number Strategy Poster
Essential Questions Poster
Common Core Standards Poster

If you students are like mine, they always need practice on these types of number sentences. With the different levels of difficulty, students can move up as they master each level. This activity can also be used to assess the standards included. 

Thank you for stopping by. If you purchase this activity pack for your students, please be sure to let me know what you think by leaving feedback. I always love to hear how other students were able to benefit from activities I made to help my students. Be sure to check out my other activities while you are here, too. You might just find something else you feel would be beneficial for your students.

Check it out :)

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