Thursday, April 5, 2012

Camping - Themed Test Prep, Oh YEAH!!!

At our school, we have a camping theme throughout our school which is so fun! To prepare my 2nd graders for their end-of-the-year testing, I decided to design activities I knew they needed review on, incorporating the camping theme throughout. We only have a few weeks until testing, so we are going to do camp stations with different content areas that the students will rotate through. I'm super excited to post my first activity "Camping Capers" a division unit that contains Camping Story Problems, division sorting mats, printable counters, flash card division sentences and answers that match the division problems, a student recording sheet, and an answer sheet. My kids LOVED the "Doggie Division" activities so much that they ALL could divide correctly using their sorting mats and counters. That was the inspiration for my newest "Camping Capers" activity file. I even ran them each off a set of sorting mats and counters to keep in their homework folder to use whenever they needed to. I am so proud of my kiddos  :) 

Here is my "Camping Capers" Division Story Problem Unit, available at my TPT Store.

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