Saturday, April 7, 2012

More Camping-Themed Test Prep, Oh Yeah!!!

I have made several other camp-themed activities to help my kiddos review and prepare for their upcoming end-of-the-year testing. As I stated in a previous post, our school has a camp theme throughout our school, so we are doing a K.A.M.P. out week prior to their big testing to help motivate them and get them ready.

K.A.M.P. stands for Knowledge x Application x Motivation = Performance

The second in the series is my Camping Capers Word Wall and Sorts activities. This file has 45 word wall words that were used in the Camping Capers Division Story Problems to help the students become familiar with the vocabulary so they can focus on solving the division problems. In addition the the word wall words, I have included a Phonics Sort by Vowel Pattern. The students will sort the words on the sorting mats by vowel pattern (vowel digraph, r-controlled, long vowel silent e, and short vowel) and then write the words they sorted in the correct category on their recording sheet. The second activity is a Syllable Sort. The students will sort the word wall words by the number of syllables they have using the sorting mats and write the words in the correct category on their recording sheet. 

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The next activity I created is so cute. A little dog named Camper needs help in sorting words to make compound words. There are two sets included,  along with a sorting mat for each and a recording sheet for them to record the compound words they made. Possible answers are also included. Students can work on these individually, with a partner, or with a small group. Look for more Camper activities coming soon :)

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